So without my contemporary craftsperson hat on for this entry, I am embarking on a new MOOC with the University of Wollongong for my freelance press officer role and hope to explore PODCASTS as a new means to promote what goes on at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum and Birkenhead Priory which will hopefully be engaging in a different way to print media or direct emailing.

It is interesting when one posts online, one takes a certain VOICE and form of writing to give the venue a personality. All fine but when I go on radio or TV it is clear I "not be from round here" being a Scot relocated in Wirral. Will this be an issue? I know that on local radio there is a preference for a regional accent from the presenters but does this extend to guest spots? Will my enthusiasm and passion for my subject be enough to stop the confusion? Not concerned about having enough to say as that is one of the reasons I want to podcast - we have so much going on and in emails one tends to mention three things per e-newsletter, can I mention more?

Watch this space...


Unknown said…
Me again (Alison) but in a different guise...What I really want to learn about podcasting - well, everything so I can hit the ground running....Podcasting is popular with the "youth" and we have them on board with many events at the gallery and museum it would be nice to have them on board for more and for the Priory we took part in a podcast with Dr Janina Ramirez and that reached a different heritage audience that we need to build on.
AlikiBags said…
You are just FANTASTIC! Best wishes for this new venture! xxx

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