Place of Contribution - the idea of Home

This Saturday, (26th Feb) during half term, the Place of Contribution (an off shoot of Make it Happen) are holding the first open event at 34 Argyle Street in Birkenhead (Near Hamilton Square) from 11am - 5pm. The Place of Contribution is near Future Yard, Rathbone Ceramic Studio and Gallery, and not too far from Make in Hamilton Square, Woodside Ferry Village and Bloom Building and Coffee. 11-5. 

The exhibition includes a video installation from Angelo Maradona, artwork from Jac Butt and Marie Mairs. Marie will also be drawing and encouraging others to draw and I will be creating a communal rag boa with written messages about what HOME means to you. Bring a biro and a clean strip of fabric about 20- 30 cmlong by 2.5cm - could be from a school shirt, a ribbon, a scarf. I will have some there for those who don’t. There will be food, lovely cups of coffee and loads of soft drinks!

I will be showing some of my work created for Re-View Textile exhibition "Identity and Place" currently on show in Southport plus a piece called "Encompass" made for The Six Rooms Gallery in 2010 (coincidently just metres along the pavement from Place of Contribution and shown at The Bluecoat Display Centre.


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