Exciting progress from de-junk, re-junk participants

I am currently organising a two part exhibition for Wirral Council to tie in with their various community events to highlight all things enviro in the region. I have handed out "junk" to my network of artists, de-junking my house prior to a major build and asking them to "re-junk"them into something of value. Artists often refer to their prized pieces as their junk in their studio or their stuff so it seemed a fitting title.

Hoylake based artist, Micheline Robinson is carving wood from my old kitchen front drawers, to create lovely birds and foliage.

New Brighton based photographer and book binder, Brenda Sharp came yesterday to get stickle bricks donated by Mike Owen, more motherboard for a book and more. She will be using one of my second hand mannequins to display the final work on, the 2d work by other artists will be displayed on concertina-connected hollow doors collected from Freecycle.

Bernie Howden who is based in Oxton, has created a sculpture called "recycle"

Alice Rhenna Lenkiewicz has used a discarded box to create a piece about the cuts. Anyone who did not live locally in the Wirral was encouraged to use their own rubbish to save on petrol getting to my junk mountain in the Wirral. Alice is based in Liverpool and will be combining forces with another Liverpool based artist Debbie Ryan to get her work over to me. Debbie has been given all my broken plates, tiles and even a fabulous plastic tea strainer to create a mosaic on one of my old doors from the utility room that is being demolished.

Janine Pinion is creating a piece entitled Sacred Cow from mixed media, including an old coat hanger, window sun screen and broken wooden mobile. Janine chose lots of colourful items from my stash and I am so intrigued as to how it will all come together. It is interesting when someone else gets exciting about different items from what you would chose yourself and how each person will bring their own creativity to the project.

Roy Lewis is creating a sundial from old motorbike parts, all his old rubbish from when he was a motorbike mechanic. This is his second - his firstly is proudly sitting in my garden, alongside Electra the sculpture he helped me weld in 2008, made from recycled wire, re-enforcing bars and lead.