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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Momentary Art Project

Momentary Arts Project… the idea (words by Liz Byrne)

Imagine if you will a brand new 5000 square foot empty unit in Marine Point, New Brighton surrounded by an increasing number of new restaurants and cafés, a brand new cinema, a casino and a stones throw away from a recently upgraded regional theatre, traditional seaside amusements, funfair and eateries all situated on the end of the Wirral where the Mersey meets the Irish Sea, and the golden sands meet the biggest tides in the country.  Imagine… how would you use it?
Local resident Carl Lecky had the idea to use the space for art, art of the locality and art by locals.  A mad idea some might say, but an idea all the same and an idea that was greeted positively both by the developers of Marine Point ‘Neptune’ and by local community group ‘New Brighton Waves’.  With agreement from Neptune that the space could be used until the unit was leased to a new business, work began on moving the idea to a reality and local artists and community members from across the Wirral began to catch onto the idea and already a network of interested and supportive people is developing.
So, the spark of an idea has become the Marine Point Momentary Arts Project (MAP), a project to turn the 5000 square foot empty unit into a changing, interactive and temporary or moveble arts exhibition, and when that space is no longer available, our plan it to move lock, stock and barrel into another empty unit within New Brighton and in our moments of ‘blue sky thinking’ a sustainable, financially viable exhibition/gallery will become a permanent part of the New Brighton land and seascape!
The space that MAP occupies will basically be divided into 5 areas: 3 exhibition spaces for contemporary art, traditional art, and an installation space for a particular artist or group (ie schools, art groups, colleges); a workshop space and a space for local charities. Within the ‘workshop space’ MAP will offer a series of arts and crafts workshops, demonstrations and talks enabling members of the public to try their hand at or discover something new and creative.  Bearing in mind the space available to us, and in a hope to develop MAP beyond the stationary visual arts the programme of events may in time include music and the word, dance and drama, and fashion shows of various types.  The selling of art will be positively encouraged both to support local artists and in recognition of the benefits of having personal, unique and handmade artwork in the home.
In order to enhance the relationship with the local community the ‘charity space’ will offer the opportunity for a rota of local charities and community organisations to educate and inform those who visit as well as collect donations and sell appropriate goods to aid their funds. 
As it is the intention for MAP to break even, a bank of committed volunteers ‘Friends of MAP’ will be developed to ensure the smooth running of the project.  Already people are indicating a willingness to help and our plan is to ensure that those who volunteer have the opportunity to receive as well as give.  Volunteers will be treated to talks and information packs about the art on display, broadening their own knowledge and giving them information to share with visitors, and will receive basic first aid training and any other training that fits with the developed policies of MAP.  To broaden the network of available volunteers travel expenses will be covered.
These are our thoughts….  What are yours? 
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