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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Community Resource Action Fund

I am delighted to announce that my recent application to Community Resource Action Fund has now been approved by the Chief Executive Officer and will receive 75% of the requested funding.

My application is for creative workshops to be held in GCS&C, in March 2012 prior to the “de-junk, re-junk” recycled art and craft exhibition in Birkenhead Park in July 2012,  the artists involved will aim to encourage the public to reuse items not currently recycled in Wirral such as packaging (plastic meat/fruit trays, vegetable netting bags, old kitchen doors, bike chains, broken china, reducing the amount of waste generated and going to landfill and increasing the re-use of materials by up-cycling items through creative endeavours. This use of recycled materials through the workshops will hopefully encourage more residents to re-use and re-purpose their own household waste. The workshops will aim to encourage people to create objects of beauty without great expense, the classes  will be offered for free to the public. Most adult classes would need to be booked but the classes for children would be drop in classes, allowing more children to be involved. All classes would be provided for free at point of delivery (ie no fee would be charged to join the class). The communal mosaic piece will be on show in the exhibition.

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