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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mentioned by Laura Davis in today's Liverpool Post

Thank you to Laura Davis, arts reporter at Liverpool Daily Post for mentioning my work in her article about the Wirral Open Studio Tour along with many of the other participating artists. I have been able to join the tour because my time has been freed up from not organising and exhibiting this year at the Oxton Art Fair and the change of timing for WOST to September. It is rather exciting doing something new!

I am still an Oxton Artist, but on sabbatical for this year due to family commitments in November. Last year, I visited the gala event in Hoylake and knew many of the participating artists but was unable to view the tour over the weekend. This year, the tour will not have a full evening event on Friday night but plans to have a separate event in November. WOST will be spread over 20 venues (studios, homes and halls) with over 30 artists of all varieties. 

The organiser, painter Micheline Robinson and photographer, Marianthi Lianas were successful in their application on behalf of the tour to get an arts council grant (a rare commodity these days), which has enabled the tour to produce more brochures, more signage and offer some workshops. There is nothing worse than creating a great event that no-one knows anything about so this year we have been blogging and using social media more pro-actively. Simon Birtall, another artist from the tour has created a website for the tour which is a useful tool in getting the word out about the variety of work which will be on show.

It is tremendous to see more art related events happening in Wirral, highlighting the wealth of talent on the pennisula. 

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