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Friday, 8 July 2011

Wirework, an update on my showings, and the hand-in for de-junk, re-junk...busy week ahead

'Wire Crochet' most interesting group photos on Flickriver

I can recommend many books for people who would like to get into wirework but the bible of all is Arlene Fisch's Textile Techniques in Metal. Personally, I feel she gets too bogged down in the technique sometimes, but her work like Nora Fok is absolutely inspirational. Seems to be rather a lot of knitted little bracelets with beads featured in the Flickr selection and I am not wild about wire wrapped around stones. There has been a flurry of crotchet and knitting in one particular style after the technique was shown in a book or too but lovely to see so many wire creations. It is such a wonderful medium and can be an easy technique to master. Unlike other jewellery with a need for lots of equipment, it is a technique which can be done practically anywhere with minmal handtools. I usually use my hands with a few pliers and needles for sewing.

I am off to deliver my recycled flowers to Melrose Hall as part of the Wirral Festival of Firsts in Hoylake and then deliver my corsets and wirework to The Creative Curtain Company for the Wirral Festival of Firsts - Oxton.

Reminder to all those attending the WTH meeting on Monday at The Green Shop, if you are entering the de-junk, re-junk exhibition and bringing new work please email me the details of the piece(s) with the price(s) including the 20% commission in advance. The 20% commission is to cover some expenses I will have to incur. On Friday I had word that the current exhibition at Birkenhead Park will not be coming down until Friday the 15th so this delays me somewhat, as the council van was all arranged to collect the displays and some of the work. The intention now is that they collect and drop of there at 2pm into a store room so anyone who had planned to deliver their work directly to site may need to be in touch. I will now have to hang the show over the weekend. I have a conflict of commitments on Friday afternoon so may have to jiggle things around or hope that is raining so my other apointment gets rained off!

I would like as many of the participating artists in attendance on Monday the 18th of July at 11.30 at the exhibition for a meet and greet with the mayor and a press photo shoot (hopefully).

Best wishes as ever


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