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Sunday, 12 June 2011

With These Hands 15th of June 2011 7pm

A reminder to all those attending the get-together on Wednesday The Green Community Shop and Centre at 7pm, bring food to share and some cutlery and a plate to eat from. If bringing a bottle, make it screwtop.

We will all do a round-robin introduction for everyone and then will go back to people who have specific projects on in more detail such as Wirral Festival of Firsts, Heswall Arts Festival and the "de-junk, re-junk" exhibition.

Any donations for The Green Community Shop and Centre are most welcome either financial or donations of items to sell in the charity shop (clothes, toyus, books, cutlery etc). The Green Shop is very much at the heart of the community in Oxton and Birkenhead and the money raised is spent locally and wisely to help to maintain the shop and centre which is a lifeline for many people....parents, seniors and those in need.

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