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Monday, 20 June 2011

Hand in and next With These HANDS MEETING

The next With These Hands will be a morning event on Monday the 11th of July at 10am and will be at The Green Community Shop and Centre where we can make drinks etc (for a donation) or if you want something fancier like a cappuccino, stop off at Home Cafe or The Twins or Tea for Two nearby. The Green Shop is situated on Christchurch Road and was the site of our last evening meeting. We have been realising it is too noisy with the coffee makers and other patrons in a cafe environment so this seems an ideal venue for our next meeting. Future events can be in a community hall in another Wirral town.....any suggestions?

The venue being closer to my home also provides me with an excellent opportunity to collect in the contributions to the de-junk, re-junk exhibition which will be starting on the 18th of July in Birkenhead Park and runs until the 31st of July. Anyone with work to hand-in should bring it ready to be hung with delivery note (including title and price inclusive of 20% commission). Ideally I would like the delivery notes emailled to me in advance and any shots of finished works etc so that I can start the promotional wheels turning.

The Mayor will be opening the event at 11.30 on Monday the 18th of July with other members of the council present and some schools who will be awarded prizes. I also need cover for the 2 weekends of the show and this will be an excellent opportunity for a few of us to talk about our work to the public as well as keeping an eye on the displays. The council will be providing transport and staffing the show during the week.

Hope to see you soon and see all your re-creations - anyone who can not make this hand in time, could they send their work with someone else or email me to make another arrangement.


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