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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

With These Hands 15th of June 2011 7pm

The Green Community Shop and Centre is the venue for our next meeting, and we can bring our own food to share and wine or soft drinks. Please leave a financial donation or bring something for the charity shop to sell. The centre has a large playroom and trestle tables so we can be easily accomodated and will eliminate the issue we have been having with noise in the last two cafes we have met at. Susan Brown has offered a solution for a morning venue and I am sure there are other church halls etc that we could use in your area so feel free to let me know the details as I am very happy to rotate the area of our meetings so we cover more of the Wirral.

As usual we will do our round robin style of introductions and will then go into more detailed discussions about any particular projects. There is so much going on the Wirral (mostly grass roots organised and many by people involved in the group) and it is exciting to be at the hub of the action.

Last meeting we were delighted to be joined by Jim Smith, community engagement officer for Wirral Council who has been very supportive of our de-junk, re-junk exhibition and Lynn Struve, new Eco Schools officer for Wirral who is interested in artists getting involved in workshops and a big event on the 25th of July at The Oval. Jim and Daniel Molyneux have been instrumental in our involvement with all the recycling projects.

If you would like to receive the latest newsletter of all these nuggets of information, email me at with WTH in the subject (all those already receiving these mail outs don't need to bother).

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