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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Exciting progress from de-junk, re-junk participants Part 5

More developments from artists already featured in my updates and work from one of our first collectors of my junk, Marie Louise Williams. Marie and I work together during the summer months as artist/teachers for the summer art workshops at the Williamson Art Gallery. Marie was very excited by the springs from an old sofa and parts of a broken cafetiere. Micheline has added colour to her hand carved drawer fronts. The wood of the door is oak and has been rather hard to work but holds the line very well. Alice has developed her box about cuts making it more relevant to our locality, with the River Mersey and Liverpool skyline in the background.

All the pieces will be coming in this evening at our networking event "With These Hands" 7-9pm in Oxton. I set up "With These Hands" in 2008 as a result of being the main organiser for the artist led/group-organised exhibition the "Oxton Art Fair" which by it's very nature has excluded people who do not live in Oxton at the time of applying to the group. I have no objections to this what so ever because there is a lot of talent drawn to Oxton. It is a very picturesque urban village with a group community feel and so there are already lots of artists in the community. But I realised that there was nothing to encompass the many talented people based in the Wirral and nothing for the people "wanting to have a go". "With These Hands" is for anyone involved in the arts based in the Wirral from galleries to individual artists or students. I have often found that many Wirral based artists are represented well in the metropolis of Liverpool but not on their home turf. I have worked hard to try to redress the balance and provide support to those based here. our networking events are very low key informal affairs held in local cafes, pubs or community centres and offer an opportunity for sole traders, artists in their garrets etc to get together and get feed-back from like-minded people. In addition to this, I have set up a group for WTH on Facebook and a group called Art on the Wirral - the left bank of the Mersey, this page is for all galleries to list their activities etc. Art-In-Liverpool is a wonderful website and blog run by Ian and Minako Jackson which covers more than Liverpool and I often draw on their postings which mention Wirral activities on our pages. Anyone wanting to join these groups should look them up on Facebook or comment here and I will contact you.


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