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Monday, 14 March 2011

Exciting progress from de-junk, re-junk participants Part 4

Barbara Harrison's contribution to the 'de-junk, re-junk" show has used a donation from another friend of mine, of a board she previously used for displaying her jewellery. I would imagine the cork board was originally bought from the Green Community Shop and Centre that many of us frequent for materials and clothes and Fairtrade products - all the money is put back directly into our own community.

"The piece is called ‘Margins’ ... 100% recycled except for the spraymount adhesive.

An elegant black velvet display board of Alison’s is the foil to an arrangement of paint-stained strips of masking tape which I’ve actually hoarded for a while because I thought I might use them for something ... as you do ...

To me the strips look surprisingly botanical, or like camouflage, or even bandages – which they’re not! Although the stains on the tape are a by-product of other work, I have placed them according to a conscious aesthetic, not at random. My work is about conflicting dynamics."

Janine Pinion has sent extra photos in addition to the works in progress images featured in an earlier post. She has transformed a piece of a bath back scrubber and shiny foil into a necklace for her sacred cow.

II am sure she won't mind that I have done a screenshot of our Facebook Group to show where her inspiration is coming from. The Facebook group is a closed group and has allowed us to do major chatting in a private way about the logistics and inspiration as well as discuss collection etc in a safe environment. Many of the artists involved have been garnered through Facebook connections and even my discussions with the mayor have been through FB.

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