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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Exciting progress from de-junk, re-junk participants Part 3

Susan Brown is a fine art artist who studied in California. As part of her course she discovered puppet making and has continued making puppets for over 30 years. Puppets from recycled materials can be dynamic and interesting as puppets don't need to 'be' anything and often evolve to be themselves from the material available. Examples here are mouth puppets, sock puppets (but this one is made from an old pillow) and strung puppets which often, as in this case, use recycled childrens clothing.

Susan has held puppetmaking sessions for National Museums and Galleries Liverpool, Liverpool Adult Learning, and the WEA among others. She continues to run workshops and courses in puppetmaking for all age groups.

She has used stuffing from an old pillow of mine and foam from my brother's former band Jak-I, which incorporated dance and music with sound pads on dancers....the bag of stuffing has been sitting there for sometime and waiting to be sent to the right home. In addition to Buzz and Billy, apparently there is also a dragon coming....

The intial outing for the exhibition will be the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of March tying in with a few days of environmental conferencing and forums for local groups including schools, housing and Enviro Champions so it is nice to be able to offer something for all the family from the artists, we are hoping that there may be a puppet booth created for Susan's puppets.

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