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Thursday, 17 March 2011

And finally, at least for today ....something about me!

Alternative chain of office for the mayor of Wirral

Made by me, from metal and plastic recycled from old packaging from toothpaste tubes, tomato puree tubes, ointment, plastic trays from smoked salmon, a ring pull, recycled lead for weight, wire from old televisions, an old bracelet from a friend and sewn together using needles from my Granny's sewing box.

I trained as jeweller but my Granny was always sewing and my Mum too so I have always sewn too and this piece incorporates sewing and metal work together.

I have had great help from the current Mayor, Alan Jennings and his wife, providing me with photos of the real thing!
I have made this piece for the
de-junk, re-junk exhibition I am organising in conjunction with Wirral Council to tie in with Enviro week next week and also for a special exhibition in July in Birkenhead Park.


AlikiBags said...

It was intriguing and exciting to hear you talk about the project....
Actually seeing the pictures IS SOMETHING ELSE !
Absolutely brilliant!
I also like the hidden message behind items of beauty and symbols of wealth and power being made from 'junc'.
"Sic transit gloria mundi" surely will not be found on civic

Unknown said...

Creo igitur redivivus

I create therefore I recycle!