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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Craft and Design Selected Awards for 2011

I am in the running for the Craft & Design selected Awards, I am a little cynical about this as it is all about creating traffic for the magazine & the site but on the plus point, I don't actually have a problem with that as it is a good magazine...I don't subscribe as yet too it as I subscribe to Crafts Magazine and Artist anyway vote for me if you like & enjoy looking at the website. I would prefer to be up for an award that was judged on merit, not how many people I can get to vote for me. Anyway, it is high time I update my images around the net so that will be my New Years resolution for 2011. The title of my post above is a link directly to my page but you can vote more than once and there are many people of merit up for the awards too.

To vote you have to scroll down my page to the award banner and click on it. It may require you to feel free to carry on or give up there and then!

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