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Thursday, 9 December 2010

My work at my work

More precisely, my artwork at my place of work. As many of you know I am a curator for 2Bio Ltd at MerseyBIO at the University of Liverpool and normally keep my creative works out of my job but today my two worlds collided and I exhibited my work as part of The Twelve Working days til Christmas, felt like my two words collide - funny really, cos I do have an alter ego when I work there....with a different I sort of blew my cover today in a quiet way!

I love the creative process of hanging the work, in an "sterile" environment. Bringing colour and individualism into the building. I enjoy combining different artists who may not have met each other or be aware of each others work, editing what goes where.

The current show is a more casual affair with work under £50 from past exhibitors and a few others. I think the members of staff of the different companies of the incubators appreciate the variety and lower price points.

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