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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Art on Wirral - The Left Bank of the Mersey

I have just created an new group on Facebook called Art on Wirral - the Left Bank of the Mersey for artist, arts organisations and galleries to join to get a comprehensive overview of visual arts in Wirral.

I had meeting with Steve Maddox, who is the chief Executive of Wirral Council last week with Theresia Cadwallader and Micheline Robinson about our collective desire to promote art and artists in Wirral. Currently, there are so few galleries, representing the many artists, designers etc who are based on the pennisula. My involvement is that I set up With These Hands, a networking event for Wirral based visual artists last year, I am on the steering committee for the Oxton Art Fair and have been for a number of years. I am publicity officer for the Friends of the Williamson and I am an active exhibiting contemporary craftsperson who exhibits both in Wirral and in Liverpool.I also work as an art liaison officer for 2Bio Ltd at MerseyBIO in Liverpool where we have shown the work of many Wirral based artists.

Theresia is involved with both The Oxton Art Fair at the Williamson Art Gallery and is the main curator for The Six Rooms Gallery and Micheline is the main organiser for the Wirral Open Studio Tour. We all have a desire to show what is going on where we are and Mr Maddox is keen for Wirral to become a destination for arts tourism. So we will see what develops.....Try clicking on the title of the post to take you there...

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