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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Late reporting back from LOACA Light Night in Liverpool

It rained initially and I was worried about damage to my packaging, thankfully the jewellery was fine and the packaging replaceable but all seemed to be re-usable which is even better. The rain stopped.

It was a tiring day and I was away from 2pm until 11.30pm, but it was an exciting night with lots of international people wandering around. Not huge sales but lots of nice ones. Like the young couple, who looked for a long time then bought a pair of stainless steel mesh earrings which I altered on the spot to make them shorter. I knew they would be well loved and talked about.

I had collect some of my work from a gallery earlier in the week and had them out on display and my first 2 sales were my unique Fairies made my drawings laminated and articulated so I was pleased that I had them available.

Had a visit from one of the young ladies who had attended my class for young adults with special needs earlier in the week, that was very nice to see her again. I also delivered the laminated brooches we had created at the class to Colin Serjent for a little exhibition of all the workshops Red Dot organised at LCAD.

Many familiar faces were out who are always supporting the arts and crafts in the area and some new ones. It is also great to sell to customers who have bought before and nice to explain it all again to new folks.

While I was sitting in the grand courtyard under my canopy,I made lots of work. I am fortunate to be able to sit and work and had prepared lots of stainless steel mesh with a flame so I could sit and fold the sharp edges in. I also brought a handbag that I sewed the design onto using a curved surgical needle and pink wire thread so time was not wasted in between sales.This immediately went out on display although it didn't sell, in fact I sold no handbags on the night which is quite unusual. Handbags have been selling well recently, I sold 3 in The Secret Shop at Secret Gardens of Oxton.

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