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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lovely night at the Williamson

This evening,we had the AGM for Wirral Methodist Housing and a chance for parents and kids involved in the Summer Art Workshops to see their work in a gallery environment. Also we had the ladies who created the rug and many of the people who donated the clothes we used.

What is possible? ANYTHING!!

Many of the artists involved were present, Robyn, Marie, Dawn, Janine, Kelly as well as Cathy the organiser, Colin Simpson of the Williamson, Sharon, Rita, Alun and all the people from Wirral Methodist Housing who were the joint funders with the Friends of the Williamson.

The show has been extended so will be coming down just before The Big Draw, organised by Marie Mairs, Oxton Artists and many local artists on the 11th of October at the Williamson. Lovely event last year, everyone got down on their knees to do pipette drawing huge rolls of paper on the floor in the gallery or on the pavement to do chalk drawing or wire drawing with Marie Louise Williams inspired by Emma Rodgers' sculpture exhibition.

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