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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Artistic dilemma

I have been accepted for ART AND DESIGN IN THE CITY on the 31st of October in The Empire theatre in Liverpool and now I have just heard that there is going to be an eco design show as part of the Liverpool Design Festival. I wish we had been given greater notice about the Design Festival as it sounds very exciting but it is a bigger commitment and is the weekend before the Oxton Art Fair which is my responsibility. So what do I do? I might not get in to the Eco Design Show, I might not recoup the cost of the stall, it is at the end of half term...So do I pass on the cheaper alternative which is also quite exciting for an unknown? The Empire event has been selected and have 2 special inputs with audiences going into performances of the ballet. The Eco Design show will have 30 designers involved plus fashion shows but will the marketing make people realise that they can purchase work. One of my complaints with the Liverpool Design Show was that visitors did not come thinking they could buy work from the designers. The promotional material should also have had a map in it. Hopefully the Design Festival will get it right as it is organised by the Design Initiative. I don't normally talk about decisions on my blog but I need some help to make the righ choice. I also hate letting people down.

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