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Saturday, 30 August 2008

I am getting ready for a number of shows including Green and Organic in Nottingham," I do" in Shetland, Re-worked in Penarth, Autumn Glow in Derby and Migrations in Liverpool as well as sending new work to Chapel Gallery in Lancaster and keeping my other galleries on the Wirral and in Liverpool with new stock also in Westbourne and Ulverston.

Just made some shoes for the wedding show in Shetland and wish I could slip them on to go with them on their trip North but they are one size too small and I can't. The furthest North I have been in the UK is Orkney. I would love to visit again.

The piece for Migrations at the CUC in Liverpool will be a follow to a piece I made in Canada called "On my way here". It is a very personal piece about my life in Australia and Canada. It was made in 1998 so I have the last ten years to cover in the new piece which will incorporate embroidery and collage as well as computer generated work. It will cover life in America and coming back to the Uk after 10 years overseas.

I am also getting ready for a free one day workshop in liverpool with the same folks who are organising "Migrations", Red Dot (see my other blog). The week of programmes looks very exciting.

I have been finding it hard to juggle all these various commitments with being a full time Mum for 2 boys and can get very frustrated at times when I get called away from work to fix a problem. Luckily, I have got a good network of friends and babysitters to call on when snatching a few minutes isn't enough. I am not a super mum, so many things get overlooked but hopefully they are just non-essential housework, not having fun with the kids. No point in having them if you don't spend time with them.

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